What to Wear

Wondering what to wear to your dance class? What a dancer wears to class can make a huge difference in how much they benefit from the class.  It allows the dancer to move freely without restrictive clothing or the hair in the face, and it also helps the teacher see the alignment and placement of the body to help in preventing injury; it ensures proper technique is being used.  Listed below are what we expect the dancers to wear to class.  

Please no gum chewing, cell phones, or jewellery.  

*Click on the shoe to be directed to Dance Street's

site to see what we mean shoe-wise.

Bodysuit & tights.  Shorts and skirts are allowed.  

Hair and bangs pulled back from the face and tied back.
Bare feet and
Tan Tap Shoes**
** Tap shoes do not need to be purchased until after Thanksgiving (and will not be used until then).  At this young of an age we want them to first learn how to control their feet before they make sounds with the shoes.

Any colour/style bodysuit and tights.   

Bangs and hair tied back (bun, ponytail, braid)
All Ages: Tan Jazz Shoes

Any colour/style bodysuit and tights.  

Shorts and form fitting tops are permitted.  

Bangs and hair tied back (bun, ponytail, braid)
Combo, Pre-Primary: Mary-Jane Tan Tap Shoes

Primary & Grade 1: Tan Tap Shoes 

Grade 2 & 3 Tap: Tan Tap Shoes

Grade 4 Tap: Black Tie Ups

Any colour/style of bodysuit with pink tights.  

Hair pulled back into a bun, with bangs pulled back from face.  

Boys: Black shorts and a white t-shirt.
Pink Leather Ballet Slipper

(Exam classes Grade 1 & Up also need Character Shoes)
Boys: Black Ballet Slipper

​Ballet/Contemporary Classes: Wear Pink Leather Ballet Shoes 

Hip Hop
Loose, comfortable fitting clothes that are easy to move in.  

NO jeans please!
Clean, NON-MARKING running shoes (NO outdoor shoes as these can damage our dance floors).

Form fitting clothes that are easy to move in.  

Bodysuits and shorts or a skirt.  

Nothing baggy please!
Tan Jazz Shoes

Ballet/Contemporary Classes: Wear Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

Girls - Bodysuit &

Footless tights.  No loose tops.  

Boys - T-Shirt and shorts (easy to move in)
Bare Feet

Musical Theatre

Form fitting clothes that are easy to move in.   
Nothing baggy please!

Teacher will let you know what kind of shoes are needed by Christmas.  Until then, jazz shoes, ballet or shoes, or socks will all be accepted.