​We have a variety of dance classes to offer for ages walking through to adult!  Below is a list and small descriptions of each class.  

Combo 3 & 4 Years - 30 mins
A combination of tap and jazz.  This class is a great opportunity for
children to explore different styles for a fun-filled dance experience!

AcroDance (Ages 7 and up) - 45 mins
The future trend of dance, this style enhances your jazz performance as it focuses on flexibility, strength, control and
agility - which will enhance dancers' overall performance in all genres

Ballet (Ages 3 and up) - All class lengths depending on age
The foundation of all dance disciplines, classes can be taken at the recreational, competitive, and examination levels.  The RAD syllabus is taught, resulting in style, grace, and co-ordination.  As dancers get older, a second technique class is taught and exams are offered.

*Ages 3-6 will be following the Princess Ballerinas Syllabus.  An imaginative and fun class that explores movement through imagination!

​Click Here For More Info on The Princess Ballerina Program 

Ballet/Contemporary (Ages 7 and Up) - 45 mins
This style focuses on creating a sense of creativity while using Ballet Technique creating off-centre movement to produce

interpretive and abstract art while using the body as a medium.

Hip Hop (Ages 7 and Up) Hip Hop Minis (Ages 5 and 6)  
A popular form of dance that teaches the latest form of urban styles.  A blend of jazz and street-style moves makes for a

high-energy and upbeat class!  Anyone ages 7 and up can register for these classes, as long as you have some attitude and style!

Jazz (Ages 5 and Up) 
This high energy class combines classic jazz movement with current dance trends. 

Lyrical (Ages 12 and Up) - 45 mins
By using the lyrics of songs to express and emote, dancers combine ballet and jazz

technique to create a passionate artistic impression. 

Tap (Ages 5 and Up) - 30 or 45 minute classes
Your feet make the music!  Following the CDTA Syllabus, dancers focus on rhythm, syncopation, counting to music, and timing.


Photos By Genelle Ambert Photography