Picture TimeClass NameClass TimeTeacherDance NamePicture #
9:30-9:40Pre-Pri Jazz Sat
Sat 11:30LaurenLight Up The World18
9:40-10:00PB SaturdaySaturday 10:00LaurenWake Up, Teddy Bear!19
10:00-10:10Acro YellowWed 5:30KimMelody20
10:10-10:30Pre-Pri Ballet SatSat 11:00LaurenLes Belles21
10:30-10:45Primary BalletTues 4:15RachelMousin' Around22
10:45-11:00Jr Jazz RecThurs 6:15RachelDance With You23
11:00-11:15Pre-Junior JazzTues 5:00BrookeGotta Get To Camp24
11:15-11:35Combo SatSat 10:30LaurenDoggies In The Window25
11:35-11:45Primary TapThurs 4:15KimMr. Postman26
11:45-12:00Jr Hip Hop RecThurs 5:30KimIn The Ayer27
12:00-12:20Combo MonMon 5:15BrookeDancin' In The Street28
12:20-12:35Jr HH CompThurs 6:15KimOne, Two Step29
12:35-12:45Pre-Jr HH CompThurs 4:45KimBoom!30
1:00-1:20MT LineFri 4:00BrookeMaybe Tomorrow
1:20-1:30Jr Tap RecTues 6:45BrookeWanna Have Fun32
1:30-1:45Jr Contemp CompWed 4:45RachelFriends33
1:45-2:00Jr Ballet/ContempTues 6:00RachelWhole New World34
2:00-2:20PB ThursThurs 6:00BrookeYou're Cute (Because You're You)35
2:20-2:30Jazz Small SelectThurs 6:30BrookeThis Is My Dance Floor36
2:30-2:50PB WedWed 5:30LaurenPerfect Princesses37
2:50-3:05Pre-Pri Ballet WedWed 6:00LaurenMy Favourite Things38
3:05-3:15Grade 2 TapWed 4:45KimStop The Rock39
3:30-3:45Jr 3 JazzMon 5:00KimLet Me Think About It40
3:45-4:05PB TuesTues 5:45BrookePrima Ballerinas41
4:05-4:20Pre-Pri Jazz MonMon 5:15LaurenWish You Were Here42
4:20-4:35Pre-Teen JazzTues 6:45RachelThe Way43
4:35-4:50Inter Hip Hop CompMon 6:00KimOutta Your Mind44
4:50-5:05Pre-Pri TapTues 6:15BrookeCowboys & Cowgirls45
5:05-5:15Teen Hip HopThurs 7:30KimShut It Down46
5:15-5:25Sr MT SelectMon 4:15BrookeBye-Yum Pum Pum47
5:25-5:35Acro PinkTues 6:30KimMelody48
5:35-5:45Teen TapThurs 7:00KimTightrope49
5:45-6:00Pre-Pri Ballet TuesTues 5:30RachelYou're Welcome50
6:10-6:20Teen JazzTues 8:15RachelMiss Prince54
6:20-6:35Comp ContempMon 7:30KimForever Young55
6:35-6:55Pre-Pri Jazz TuesTues 5:00RachelFeel It56
6:55-7:05Grade 3 TapMon 6:45KimElectric Boogie57
7:05-7:20Senior ContempTues 7:30RachelLovely58
7:20-7:30Hip Hop SelectMon 8:15KimF E M A L E59



Picture Days this year are Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16th.  For your pictures, you need to have full hair and make-up, proper tights and shoe color, and any extra accessories your teacher has requested (these will be posted on the website shortly and will also be posted in the lobby hallway at the studio).  Below is the schedule with the dance name, class day, class time, and teacher.  

PLEASE ALWAYS come 20 minutes early, even if we were behind at some point earlier during the day we manage to catch back up.  If you miss your scheduled time, you will not be in the group picture.  The studio gets very full of people so if you can have only one adult per dancer that will help in keeping it less congested.

The photographer is Genelle Amber Photography.  Picture forms will be sent out a week or two before Picture Days.  Please bring your form and payment for her on the day of your pictures.  

She accepts Cash, Debit, Visa or MasterCard. Please plan accordingly.

*Schedule is best read on a desktop


Picture TimeClass NameClass TimeTeacher NameDance NamePicture #


Staff Picture

4:15-4:25Pre-Comp JazzThurs 4:15BrookeKeep Dreaming2
4:25-4:35Jr 1 JazzTues 4:15BrookeDancin' By Myself3
4:35-4:55Pre-Comp BalletThurs 4:45RachelUnder the Big Top4
4:55-5:10Acro BlueTues 5:00KimMelody


5:10-5:25Grade 1 TapTues 5:45KimDisco Inferno6
5:25-5:35Inter BalletThurs 7:00RachelSimplicity7
5:35-5:50Jr 2 JazzThurs 5:15BrookeJust Jenny8
 5:50-6:00PointeFri 4:45RachelBeat It9
6:00-6:15Inter ContempWed 6:00KimEcho10
6:15-6:30Grade 1 BalletThurs 5:30RachelCatch Me If You Can11
6:30-6:45Grade 3 BalletWed 7:00RachelThe Jets12
6:45-6:55Pre-Inter 2 JazzWed 7:30KimPassion13
6:55-7:10Grade 1/2 BalletWed 5:30RachelThe Light14
7:10-7:20Inter JazzThurs 8:15RachelTake Me Back15
7:20-7:30Grade 4 BalletWed 6:15RachelDecember16
7:30-7:40Contemp Select--RachelBurn17