Here are some FAQs for you to read about dress rehearsal and recital!

Q - When and where is Dress Rehearsal?
A - Dress rehearsal is at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre.  GLITZ Dress Rehearsal is 4:30pm and GLAM Dress Rehearsal is 6:30pm

Q - Is there a schedule for Dress Rehearsal?
A - The schedule for dress rehearsal is the same as the recital program.  This will be posted by the office at the studio and also in various places in the Rawlinson the day of dress rehearsal.

Q - Do we need to stay for the entire Dress Rehearsal?
A - You don't need to stay the entire time.  Once your child has done their dance on the stage and the teacher has said that they are done, you are free to go!

Q - What time should we be at Dress Rehearsal?
A - You should be at the Rawlinson Centre 20 minutes before it begins.  We explain how things work at the beginning so it will be easier for you to get a feel of how dress rehearsal works if you are there to hear our starting talk.  You can also find a spot for your bags if you have costume changes, find other people in your class, and get warmed up.

Q -  What do we wear for Dress Rehearsal?
A - If you are in Glam, you need to wear your entire costume (tights, shoes, accessories, etc.), full hair and makeup.  If you are in Glitz, you don't have to put on your make-up, but you do need to wear your costume and have your hair in the style it is supposed to be.  This is especially important if you are in more than one dance and need to change costumes and hair - this way you know how much time you have (roughly) to change.  Dress rehearsal is just as much a practice backstage as it is on stage!

Q - What should we expect at Dress Rehearsal?
A - When you enter the main Rawlinson Centre doors, you'll see a sign straight forward and an open door just to the right of it.  This is the door you can us for DRESS REHEARSAL ONLY (for recital you must use the main theatre doors always - even to get backstage to change your child).  You can sit anywhere in the theatre (2 people per dancer maximum) and watch the other dances until you are called backstage.  We will call dances backstage roughly 2-3 dances before so that the dancers can get properly lined up, shoes on, and get their bearings.  With younger dances, we very often will run it twice for the dancers to really understand what recital will be like and what they can expect.  After they have finished they will be sent back into the audience with parents and you can either change them for their next dance or take them home.

Q - How do I know which change room to use?
A - There will be a sign when you first enter saying which room each class will be using.  Find your class name and you'll know which room your group will be in.  This will be the same room you will use at recital.  Dancers are NOT PERMITTED to go into other change rooms.


Q - When and where is recital?
A - Recital is at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre.  GLITZ (the Jr Showcase) is Saturday, at .  GLAM (the Sr Showcase) is Saturday,  at 7:00pm both evenings.

Q - When do tickets go on sale and where do I get them?
A - Tickets go on sale.  You can get them at the Rawlinson Centre Box Office, online at or by calling (306) 765-1270. 

Q - How early should we be at the Rawlinson Centre?
A - This depends on which show you are in.  GLITZ - You should be at the Rawlinson Centre 30 minutes before showtime (10:30 and 1:30).   GLAM - You should be at the theatre 1 hr before showtime (6:00).  You want the dancers to get warmed up, settled in, and ready to go.  Showing up at the time the show starts can cause a lot of stress on not only you, but the other dancers in the group, the teachers, and the group parents.  You are very important!!!

Q - Do I need to purchase tickets for both shows that my child is in?
A - You do NOT need to purchase tickets for both shows your child is in, but THEY DO NEED TO BE THERE TO DANCE IN BOTH (ex: both Glitz shows)!  The group is a team and each dancer relies on where each other is.  It can really throw the group off if their partner/leader/dance mate isn't there all of a sudden.

Q - My child is in Glitz, do we have to stay for the entire show?  Can we leave in between shows?
A - You do not need to stay for the entire show.  In fact, we recommend you take your child after they have performed in the 11:00 show so that they can get some lunch (reminder - don't eat in your costumes in case of spills) and have a bit of a rest before the next show.  It isn't a lot of time, but it's good for the young dancers to get some fresh air (being in the theatre too long can make them get quite antsy!).  At the end of each show is a grand finale with the senior dancers and the younger dancers can come on stage for a bow again!  This is very exciting and the younger dancers love being up there with the older ones!  

Q - I have a ticket to the show but didn't get one for my dancer child.  Can they stay backstage? 
A - Absolutely.  We will have colouring for the dancers to do, and they can play games together.  We recommend packing any games/books/quiet activities they like to do from home as well.  Group parents stay with the group until the children are all picked up.

Q - Does my dancer child need a ticket to watch the show?
A - Yes, your child needs a ticket to watch the show from the audience.

Q - Can my child wear their costume in the audience?
A - GLITZ performers can wear their costumes in the audience, but they must be covered up with a zip-up or jacket (you want something that they don't have to remove over their hair - not fun!).  GLAM performers are not permitted in the audience with a costume on, nor should they be in the lobby before the show or during intermission.

Q - My child will be in the audience, how early should I send him/her backstage?
A - Your child should be sent backstage 5 numbers OR MORE before their dance.  The group tends to panic if someone is missing, and we need to get organized backstage before going onstage!

Q - Does my child need to be at both of their shows?
A - Yes, this is very important! The group is a team and each dancer relies on where each other is.  It can really throw the group off if their partner/leader/dance mate isn't there all of a sudden.

Q - I want to pack a snack for my child.  What kind do you suggest I pack?
A - Please make sure all snacks are nut-free.  We also suggest only water as juice can spill, cause stains and be sticky.  Please do not eat or drink in your costume without something to cover it (housecoats are great for backstage!).

Q - What can I expect at Recital?
A - When you get to recital, you will turn to the right.  You'll see a curtained area.  Bring your child back there and check them in.  There will be tables labeled with your child's dance name where you can find a chair/space and put your dance bag, shoes, etc.  There will be group parents around that area, you will want to find your group parent and leave your child with them to organize the group together.  Once you have watched the show, you can come back and get your child, but YOU MUST SIGN THEM OUT from the same place you signed them in.  This is for security reasons and is non-negotiable.  Even if it is busy at the end of recital, please do not try to skip this important step!!!

Thank you so much for helping us run a smooth and entertaining show!